What is Thermoelectric Cooler (Peltier)?

Features of Peltier Technology

Thermoelectric coolers, especially Peltier modules, are extraordinary electric coolers. Peltier modules stand out with high efficiency, rapid response time, and compact structures.

What is the Purpose of Peltier?

Peltier coolers manage heat transfer to cool or heat a surface. This feature finds applications in various industrial and consumer scenarios.

How Does Peltier Work?

Peltier modules operate using the thermoelectric effect. An electric current creates a temperature difference between two different conductive materials, enabling heat transfer.

Applications of Peltier

Electronic Cooling:

  • Cooling of computer systems, LEDs, and other electronic devices.

Medical Cooling Devices:

  • Preservation of blood, medications, and other medical materials.

Food Industry:

  • Usage in cold storage and transportation processes.


  • Cooling of telescope cameras.

Cooling Range of Peltier

Peltier coolers can operate within a wide temperature range depending on the design and materials used. Typically, they can provide cooling in the range of -30°C to 70°C.

Power Consumption of Peltier Coolers

The energy consumption of Peltier coolers varies depending on the power of the module and the cooling requirements. Various options are available, from low-energy models to high-performance ones.

Durability of Peltier Modules

The durability of Peltier modules depends on quality and usage conditions. A Peltier module of good quality can last for many years when used properly.

MKS Thermoelectric Cooler (Peltier)

MKS units base their operating principles on thermoelectric technology, specifically Peltier Cells. Peltier technology is optimally suited for cooling and heating applications in control panels.

Features of Thermoelectric Cooler (Peltier)

Compact Size and Lightweight:

  • MKS units have extremely small dimensions and light weights.

Operational in Any Mounting Position:

  • MKS units can operate in any position.

Silent Operation:

  • MKS units offer the advantage of silent operation.

Vibration Insensitivity:

  • MKS units are insensitive to vibrations.

These features make MKS units ideal for the cooling and heating needs of control panels.

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