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A New Era Begins with the Collaboration of AND Global Firm and MKS Clima

Ensuring the protection and efficient operation of electrical and electronic systems is of paramount importance. That’s why, as AND Global Firm, we are starting a new era in collaboration with MKS Clima, an Italy-based company: AND Klima.

AND Klima brings MKS Clima’s high-quality products to Turkey, providing a reliable and effective solution for creating ideal working conditions for electrical and electronic systems. The selected solutions from MKS Clima’s extensive product range deliver high performance even in compact spaces where modern electronic components and circuits are tightly packed, while safeguarding electronic parts from harmful factors such as heat, dust, moisture, vapor, and smoke. This helps prevent serious economic damages like production line stoppages.

Among AND Klima’s product offerings are cooling units, air-to-air heat exchangers, air-to-water heat exchangers, thermoelectric units, exhaust fans, and heaters, all of which are top-quality models and accessories. These products are manufactured with the unique capabilities of MKS Clima, a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Ensuring the optimal and secure operation of electronic systems is not just a necessity but also a significant investment for companies. As AND Klima, we specialize in the climate control of electronic systems and strive to provide our customers with the best solutions supported by MKS Clima’s expertise and quality.

With the assurance of AND Klima, you can operate your electronic systems in ideal conditions and sustain your business seamlessly and reliably. For more information and to explore our solutions, please visit our website.

Smart Solutions in Panel Air Conditioner Systems!

Discover advanced climate control systems for industrial environments. Panel air conditioning systems maintain panels/cabinets containing your electrical and electronic equipment at the ideal temperature, ensuring the smooth operation of the system. We are pleased to present MKS Clima products to our customers with our experienced and expert team. Feel free to contact us to learn more about your projects.

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